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Be proactive with your life, no matter what may come your way

Exciting News

Surviving Strong Training Center Open Now

We have expanded to bring more opportunities for EVERYONE to be proactive in life through fitness.  

Our first dedicated space, located in Yardley PA, is 2000 square feet of opportunity!   We offer small group training sessions across different styles including pilates, boxing, bootcamp, agility and strength.

In 2004 our founder heard the words “you have cancer” and the prognosis did not look promising. Thrown into a world of protocols, she turned to fitness as a means to take control and do something to make her stronger while her treatments were making her weak.  On her journey she found others that were similarly looking to be ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS IN LIFE and together they found support through action. Surviving Strong was originally started to bring that positive experience to other people impacted by cancer but we are NOT STOPPING THERE.

We are open to ALL but will also have special programming and seminars for people more directly affected by cancer.    


About Us


Who We Are

Each and everyone is surviving something.  

We know life is amazing. 

Some have a history of cancer and others know that cancer can happen to anyone. We are people at all levels of ability united by the desire to do something to put ourselves in a better situation through fitness. We can’t control everything, but we have a choice with the actions we choose to take care of ourselves.



Why We Do It

With all of the distractions that go on around us in this crazy and chaotic world, the simple act of taking care of ourselves is a beautiful opportunity with far reaching benefits – physical, emotional and supportive through the company we keep – developing a STRENGTH for when it is needed most.  We get one trip around in this universe, why not do everything you can to make it AMAZING!


What We Do

We are using our most powerful tools -- our bodies, our minds and our hearts.  Together we learn, train, laugh and build the bonds of friendship to become stronger and make this life more amazing.  

- Fitness opportunities through our Be Amazing™ program combine innovation with consistent training to produce success and positive outcomes in small group and semi-private training to reinforce the supportive community. 

- Nutrition opportunities include a guest lecture series and cooking demonstrations. 

- Community programming opportunities include group run/walks, recipe swaps, peer support chats and special health topic lectures.


Contact Us

Surviving Strong

1001 Floral Vale Boulevard, Morrisville, Pennsylvania 19067, United States


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